Looking for an eco-friendly shower head that will save you money?

Save on water costs

A ShowerPRO shower head could reduce your shower water usage by up to 50% which will reduce your water bill and help save the planet!

Save on water heating costs

Your hot water cylinder is one of your biggest power consumers. While you shower hot water goes out and cold water comes in, meaning it needs to be heated up again. By using less water with a ShowerPRO shower head your power bill is reduced!

Save on waste water costs

Did you know that you actually pay for the water going down your drain? That's right – most customers in New Zealand pay for waste water! By using a ShowerPRO shower head you can reduce your shower waste water by up to 50%. This means a significant saving on your waste water bill!



How it works

ShowerPRO shower heads achieve water saving and create a “micro-pulse” massage by using The Venturi principal. Water under pressure enters a larger chamber. The drop in pressure creates a vacuum which draws in air bubbles. The alternating air and water create a gentle massaging effect while reducing the water usage. Depending on your water pressure and how efficient your old shower head was – you may save up to half the water you used to use when showering and therefore half of the heating and waste water costs for showering too. The best part is that even though you are using less water – your shower still feels like a luxurious waterfall and the “micro-pulsing” is very effective at rinsing shampoo and conditioner from hair.



Compare our quality

ShowerPRO shower heads are made for us by a company that has been manufacturing since 2005. The quality is so high that our shower heads have a 5 YEAR manufacturer’s warranty! Can you find that on any other shower head?
ShowerPRO tested samples from dozens of manufacturers and we were amazed at how some of them actually “exploded” under New Zealand’s mains pressure! Some other shower heads have a very thin chrome film coating that will peel off if subjected to normal use.  Some other shower heads clog easily and some discolour quickly.
Rest assured, you won’t find ShowerPRO’s high quality and warranty until you move up a couple of price ranges.


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What our customers say

"At first I was sceptical that I would save money from installing a new shower head but my husband said it made sence that by reducing the water we used, it would save us heating the water also. I kept an eye on the power bills for a few months and saw a significant reduction of almost $30. So after only 3 months of using the Shower Pro its paid for itself!"
Julie – Auckland