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January 31, 2015 ShowerPRO Team

We received this message from Jarrod in Auckland and we thought it was a great idea!

"Before I put on Shower Pro’s new shower head – I checked my old one with a juice pitcher that had measurements – it went over the 2 litre capacity in ten seconds. That’s over 12 litres a min from my old shower. I did it with the Shower Pro head and it worked out to 7 litres per min. That’s about a 40% reduction. Common sense says I’m gonna save money! Check out your old head right before you put on the new one and see if it is better. I thought they said 50% savings – they didn’t – just said “up to 50%”. Post your results here – let’s see if anybody hits 50!"

Thanks Jarrod, we like your thinking! We'd love to hear from you all, so let us know how much saving you are achieving! Our tests frequently hit close to the 50% mark so I'm sure you will get close too!

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  • Karen T

    Feb 01, 2015

    I did the bucket test before I installed my new shower head and according to the calculator I’m saving 6 litres per minute which for my family equals a saving of $1,108! Fiji Holiday… Here I come!!!

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