Before you buy a Shower Pro Shower head – try these...

January 31, 2015 ShowerPRO Team

#1.) Shower with a friend!
We tested it several times and ended up taking longer than two individual showers – BUT – it might work for you!

#2.) Insert a “flow restrictor”.
The approved shower heads sold here are designed to operate at New Zealand water pressures and flows.
You can lower the water flow with a flow restrictor.
If you restrict the flow to below what the shower head was designed for – you will probably get a disappointing trickle/drizzle.
ShowerPRO shower heads are designed to give a satisfying – even luxurious – shower at lower flow rates. ShowerPRO shower heads achieve this with the Venturi effect (click here).
There is another brand using the venturi effect (for a price of $220 - $270).
When a landlord inserts a flow restrictor – the tenants usually just pop it out with a key or some scissors. The damage caused may make it ineffective if they put it back when they leave.

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