How it works

ShowerPRO shower heads achieve water saving and create a “micro-pulse” massage by using The Venturi principal. Water under pressure enters a larger chamber. The drop in pressure creates a vacuum which draws in air bubbles. The alternating air and water create a gentle massaging effect while reducing the water usage. Depending on your water pressure and how efficient your old shower head was – you may save up to half the water you used to use when showering and therefore half of the heating and waste water costs for showering too. The best part is that even though you are using less water – your shower still feels like a luxurious waterfall and the “micro-pulsing” is very effective at rinsing shampoo and conditioner from hair.
If you have chosen a ShowerPRO shower head with the Massage setting – you can position yourself in the shower to direct the pulsing waterjet onto the area you want massaged. Use warm to hot water and after a minute or two you will feel like you just visited a masseuse.


Watch out for some problems with other water saving shower heads!

Some other water saving shower heads achieve water savings by using microscopic holes – this can cause a few problems. If your house pipes or the city supply pipes to your house are old metal ones with calcium or rust build-up – small particles continuously separate and can plug the micro-holes in that type of shower head.
There are some solutions – replace the shower head on a regular basis or you may be able to dissolve some of the sediment with a vinegar soak. The rust or dirt will not dissolve – just the lime scale. The makers of that type of shower-head are aware of the problem and some of them have made the metal plate containing the micro holes removable. When it plugs up – you can remove it and clean it. Sometimes that drives the particulate matter into the micro-holes and you do not have anything small enough to clean them. Some of the plates may be reversible and hopefully your water pressure is sufficient to push out the clog. Some people are also not satisfied with the small jet streams of water. You can see why ShowerPRO did not select this type of shower head.
Another type of water saving shower head achieves its results by just limiting the amount of water coming out. This is done with a “flow restrictor”. Sometimes these flow restrictors are just added to existing shower head designs and sometimes they are built in. The effect is the same – lower water flow (but without the ShowerPRO Venturi effect).  On the surface it seems that the goal has been achieved - BUT – just lowering the water flow can give a very unsatisfactory showering experience. You can see why ShowerPRO did not select this type of shower head.