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People are always looking for ways to reduce costs and "save the planet".

Here is what some of them had to say when they used a ShowerPRO water saving shower head:

"It arrived today and I’ve fitted it in my daughters bathroom as her showers are ridiculously long. seems pretty good, better than I expected actually hard to believe it's using less water which is great."
Simon – Whangarei
 "At first I was sceptical that I would save money from installing a new shower head but my husband said it made sence that by reducing the water we used, it would save us heating the water also. I kept an eye on the power bills for a few months and saw a significant reduction of almost $30. So after only 3 months of using the Shower Pro its paid for itself!"
Julie – Auckland

 "Thanks Shower Pro! With 3 teenage boys in the house it seemed like they were always in the shower – what they do in there I don't know! lol. Since I installed the Shower Pro in our downstairs shower I don't have to worry about how much hot water they are using :)"
Alison – Torbay, Auckland
 "Gives a much better shower than my old shower head – I can actually hear the pressure and the water somehow seems softer than before which I guess is the air mixing thingy. I give this one an A+"
Sonya – Hamilton
 "For years I've suffer from lower back pain. I get quick relief by putting my Shower Pro on Massage and placing my hands on my knees and stretching my back while the waterjet pummels my lower back with hot water. My muscles relax, my back “pops” and I feel like I just left the chiropractor! Thanks Shower Pro"
Mark – Auckland
"I'm real tall and my ears are right next to the shower head, so at first I found the air hissing anoying, but I got used to it after a couple of showers and I figure its worth it for the money I'm saving and being Green."
Richard – Ellerslie


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